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All shisha accessories from Amy Deluxe in our catalogue

What is smoking a shisha without nice Amy Deluxe parts? The best thing about the Amy Deluxe bongs is that you have the option to customize your bong with beautiful bong accessories. Because the parts are assembled with one click, you can easily adjust the water pipe to your wishes! As the official distributor of Amy Deluxe, we have added all high-quality water pipe accessories to our range.

A large assortment Amy Deluxe parts

You can combine endlessly with our wide range of shisha parts. The accessories are made of high-quality materials, which makes the look incredibly beautiful. Now you're probably wondering which shisha accessories we have in our range? To start with, we sell hoses and nozzles in all kinds of colors. You even have the option to buy water pipe hoses with a print! In addition to the silicone nozzles, the glass nozzles are also part of our range. These have a chic look and are transparent, allowing you to see the airflow through the mouthpiece while smoking a shisha! 


In addition to all hoses and nozzles, we naturally have much more shisha accessories. Amy Deluxe also has several tobacco cups and hookah vases develops. With our water pipe parts so you can customize the entire water pipe to your own style! Finally, the range has been expanded with Amy Stones vapor stones. These vapor stones do not contain nicotine and ensure an aromatic pleasure through the choice of different flavors. Examples of others hookah supplies in our assortment are a coal tong, coal basket, carrier bags and much more!

The official distributor of Amy Deluxe parts

Amy Deluxe Shop is the only official distributor of Amy Deluxe parts in the Netherlands. Are you looking for the ultimate shisha experience? Then you have come to the right place. We not only sell water pipes, but also have a whole range hookah accessories. A true total provider! Do you have questions or remarks about our products? Let us know immediately! We are happy to provide you with suitable advice, also in our shisha store in Tilburg!

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