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Amy Deluxe Coal Burners

Looking for an (electric) Amy coal burner to heat your coal? Then you are at the right place at the official Amy Deluxe shop! We sell next to our complete range bongs also Amy Deluxe coal burners.

The right Amy coal burner

We have two different types of coal burners: a shisha turbine and an electric coal burner. Both hookah coal burners are suitable for burning the coal quickly and safely. Your coal is heated in just 5 minutes! The temperature of the shisha turbine remains so low that it is much safer and more effective than other shisha coal burners on the market.

Buy a hookah coal burner?

Amy coal burners, coal carriers, coals or hookah coal tongs, we have it all! Amy Deluxe Shop offers all your essentials in one place. It is very easy to buy your Amy Deluxe coal burner from our shop. Order before 4 pm = shipped the same day for free! From € 22.50 (promotion) you can buy your Amy (electric) coal burner.

Official distributor of Amy Deluxe coal burners in the Netherlands

Amy Deluxe Shop is the only official distributor of Amy Deluxe coal burners in the Netherlands. Would you like the perfect shisha experience? Then you need Amy Deluxe coal burners. Take a quick look at our website for all your supplies. Do you have questions or comments about the different (electric) hookah coal burners or ours? hookah accessories? Let us know right away! We are happy to provide you with suitable advice, also in our store in Tilburg!

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