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All water pipe vapor stones from Amy Stone

Shisha stones are an alternative to shisha tobacco. These water pipe fumes are capable of absorbing liquids, making them perfect for a water pipe. You don't have to worry about the size of the shisha steam stones, because they are suitable for every water pipe! In contrast to tobacco, these stones cannot burn, so the delicious taste is not polluted!

Tar and nicotine-free Hookah stones

The shisha vapor stones from Amy Stone are tar and nicotine free, making these water pipe stones less harmful to the user than regular shisha tobacco. There is also no smoke coming from the stones. The water pipe stones are heated by the hookah coal, after which the liquid in the shisha stones will evaporate.

Shisha vapor stones with delicious flavors

The hookah stones from Amy Stone are available in many different flavors, so there is something delicious for everyone. From watermelon or strawberry to bubblegum or vanilla. With the water pipe vapor stones you are able to combine the stones, creating a delicious mixed taste. So don't be afraid and try it out!

All shisha accessories from Amy Deluxe

Do you have more besides shisha stones? accessories needed, or do you just want to see what we offer? Then check out our site or visit the store! We are happy to provide you with suitable advice, also in our shisha store in Tilburg!

Amy Stone Tar and Nicotine free

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