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Hookah coal from Amy Deluxe
Is there anything more annoying than finding out that your shisha are out of charcoal? Fortunately, with the hookah coal from Amy Deluxe, that is old news. Because there is enough choice and with that a lot of large packages with which you never have to be without shisha coals!

Buy Shisha cabbages for your water pipe?
We use two sizes with the water pipe coal. The smallest package contains 1 kg of shisha coal. The larger package contains 3 kg of shisha coal. Hopefully you can get started with that!

Large assortment of water pipe charcoals and supplies
Shisha coals, coal carriers, coal burners or hookah coal tongs, we have it all! At Amy Deluxe Shop you can find all your necessities in one place. We not only sell water pipe charcoal, but we also have a whole range other water pipe accessories. If you do not have a water pipe yet, then you can of course also get one first buy shisha. A true total provider!

Official distributor of Amy Deluxe in the Netherlands
Amy Deluxe Shop is the only official distributor of Amy Deluxe in the Netherlands. Are you looking for the ultimate shisha experience? Then you need shisha charcoal for that. Take a look at our website for all your requirements. Do you have questions or comments about the water pipe charcoal or our other products? Let us know immediately! We are happy to provide you with suitable advice, also in our store in Tilburg!


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