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The Amy Deluxe brand
is the only and official Dutch distributor from AMY Deluxe products. AMY Deluxe is a popular German top shisha brand that not only uses high-quality materials; the products also have something special that other shisha (water pipe) brands do not have. So every AMY Deluxe shisha (water pipe) a patented click system with multi-chamber system. This smart technology ensures maximum airflow, which extracts the fullest taste and the deepest aroma from the shisha. That makes the shisha (water pipe) smoking experience more intense than any other shisha brand. The AMY Deluxe 'basic' shisha has four rooms (& #8221; flow passages & #8221;) through which the smoke travels without accumulating. This prevents heavy smoke, coughing and a itchy throat. With one click you confirm the shisha (water pipe) vase on others shisha parts.


The patented silicone heads from AMY Deluxe resist even the hottest hookah cabbages and do not cause harmful fumes. AMY Deluxe also has removable heads with multiple chambers for mixing tobacco flavors. Share your water pipe with multiple friends at the same time and enjoy an unforgettable smoking experience. AMY Deluxe expanded her collection with AMY Stones: vapor stones from exclusive quality. AMY Stones are an excellent alternative to aromatic pleasure without nicotine. They come in four different sizes and many different flavors. Choose you tastiest tobacco taste and favorite tobacco coals. Complete your smoking experience with the AMY Gold power drink, an energy drink that matches your tobacco taste. AMY Deluxe ensures that you enjoy the best smoking experience with all your senses.


The company Special Smoke
( is part of the company Special Smoke.

Special Smoke arose from one shared passion of three men: om het ultimate pleasure from the shisha (water pipe) smoking experience to reach out to every one Hookah enthusiast. Special Smoke therefore exists for you tastiest water pipe session to give. The name does not only stand for the & #8216; special smoke & #8217; what we are constantly looking for, but also for the most powerful tobacco flavor. Pure water pipe tobacco with flavors that inspire, accompanied by thick clouds of smoke and a full taste in the mouth. Pure relaxation between sweet aromas in intimate atmospheres. From this endeavor a beautiful mix has emerged from exclusive shisha brands, elegant designs and modern technology. We deliver the brand AMY Deluxe in front of water pipe products and the brand Al-waha for pure species water pipe tobacco from Germany and France. Special Smoke supplies with this excellent quality for a sharp price, so that everyone can enjoy.

Special Smoke gives you the opportunity to give the finishing touch to your shisha (water pipe) and smoking experience. In addition to the exclusive AMY Deluxe shisha & #8217; s, we also offer a wide range high-quality water pipe accessories and water pipe items: shisha (water pipe) mouthpieces, silicone hoses, silicone or glasses water pipe dishes and other useful ones shisha (water pipe) accessories. Fill water into the base of your shisha (water pipe), prepare your favorite tobacco bowl, place the water pipe coals on top of the water pipe, on top of the Hotscreen and relax after a long day & #8211; smoke that delicious shisha. Outside in the sun, at your own party or in the shisha lounge with your friends. Choose here from our range.
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