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Alligator Panorama Burner




“Alligator Panorama Electric Coal Burner”

Alligator Panorama Electric Charcoal Lighter

The Alligator Panorama coal burner is a compact, electrically operated lighter with which you can quickly and easily make the shisha coal glow from all sides.

With the charcoal burner you can bring natural charcoal up to temperature quickly and without burning your fingers. The idea behind the Panorama burner is that it heats the coals from below, above and also from the side. This allows the burner to heat the coals even faster and more evenly. To ensure that the heating coils are not damaged and that the coal stove has a long life, it should only be used with the bowl supplied. Another advantage of the lighter is the 5-stage thermostat or controller. This way you determine how quickly the coal should glow through.

All-round heating coils heat the coals not only from below, but also from above, left and right. This makes the coals ready to smoke even faster.
Durable thanks to air inlets
Includes carbon grid to ensure long life
5-stage thermostat

Width: approx. 10 cm
Length: approx. 15.5 cm
Height: approx. 17 cm
Cable length: 80 cm
Delivery content:

coal burner
Grid box + detachable handle
Technical specifications:

CE approved

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