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AMY Deluxe Dark Steel SS06 plus

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Dark Steel AMY Deluxe water pipe SS06 plus

The Dark Steel water pipe sets high standards when it comes to accessories and leaves little to be desired when it comes to this. Accessories, such as a mouthpiece holder and a catcher to collect juices from the hookah tobacco, ensure that you can enjoy a delicious hookah session with ultimate ease. This medium-sized water pipe has a length of 70-79 cm and belongs to the AMY Deluxe line of stainless steel water pipes. In addition to the excellent quality of the materials used, this water pipe has everything to make smoking a water pipe a lot more comfortable.
Sleek design that fits into any interior
The combination of transparent glass and robust, well-finished metal gives this water pipe an elegant look. You connect the water pipe via an airtight screw system. Make sure you turn the shisha a few times until it is completely closed. Only then will you get those tasty thick clouds of smoke. The shisha is equipped with a soft elastic high-quality silicone hose, which is extremely flexible. The accompanying luxury accessories make this water pipe complete. What more do you need?
Four people smoking hookah simultaneously
The water pipe can be expanded to a maximum of four hoses, so that you can smoke the water pipe with four people at the same time.
The AMY Deluxe Dark Steel SS06 plus has the following components:
  • Transparent vase
  • Stainless precious metal smoke column
  • Hot screen
  • Ashtray
  • Natural tobacco cup.
  • Aluminum mouthpiece and silicone hose
  • Universal hose adapter
  • Stainless steel tobacco juice holder
  • Mouthpiece holder
  • Coal tongs
Note: This water pipe is made by hand. The glass design can therefore be slightly different from the shisha shown on the image.
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1 review for AMY Deluxe Dark Steel SS06 plus

  1. Davy

    I already have this shisha and few hours it’s the best if you can spend more than 150 euros I will choose that one

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