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AMY Deluxe Silicone Phunnel Tobacco Cup (1 hole)

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AMY silicone Phunnel tobacco cup

AMY Deluxe tobacco bowl with one hole. This type of tobacco cup is also called & #8221; Phunnel & #8221; called.
The AMY Deluxe Silicone Phunnel Tobacco Cup is flexible in nature, so you can easily put this tobacco cup on every water pipe can attach without using a hose port rubber. The tobacco cup is made in Germany and also made from high quality silicone. Furthermore, the tobacco cup is completely odorless and heat-resistant up to 300 degrees Celsius.
When do you use this AMY Deluxe Silicone Phunnel Tobacco Cup?
If you do not want the tobacco to leak down, as is the case with tobacco cups with small holes in the bottom. With an AMY Deluxe Silicone Phunnel Tobacco Cup, you place the tobacco around the hole, so that no juices or pieces of tobacco end up in the water pipe.
For which types of hookah tobacco is this tobacco head suitable?
& #8211; Especially if you want to use vapor stones, such as the AMY stones
& #8211; With wet tobacco, where many juices can leak
& #8211; Water pipe tobacco in pasta form
So suitable for wet tobacco, water pipe paste or steam stones.
Colors available: black, green, gray, blue
Length: approximately 9.2 cm
Width (top): approximately 8 cm
Depth (place to place tobacco): 2 cm
Note: do not place charcoal on the head edge of the tobacco head, otherwise it will be damaged.
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