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Special oriental design

The AMY Deluxe Shihab 911 is one of the special models from the AMY Deluxe Oriental series. AMY Deluxe is the German brand that is known for its powerful shisha & modern technology. This shisha, about 96 cm long, combines Eastern tradition with modern know-how. You can see it as a modern variant of the traditional Egyptian water pipe. It has a copper downstem that you cannot unscrew. The rod of this shisha has, just like the Egyptian one, a traditional smoking room and a hose port with a vase rubber. This does not secure the rod with a screw or click system like the other AMY models, but with a rubber. The body is long and slender with alternating shapes of balls and blocks and the vase consists of robust transparent glass. Not only does this water pipe have a beautiful design to look at, it is also sturdy and durable. Typical AMY.
Water pipe with two connections
The water pipe is designed for two people and therefore has two hose connections for smoking simultaneously. The shisha has a washable silicone hose and aluminum mouthpiece. When buying the water pipe you also get a standard tobacco bowl and a large ‘hot management tool’ instead of a Hot Screen. You also get an XXL coal scale. Ideal for various types of hookah tobacco.
Different color
This water pipe is also available in one black bar with fully transparent vase.
The AMY Deluxe Shihab 911 has the following parts:
  • Black stainless steel smoke column
  • Standard tobacco cup
  • Aluminum mouthpiece and silicone hose
  • XXL coal scale
  • Heat management tool
  • Coal tongs
  • Rubber closure
Note: This water pipe is made by hand. The glass design can therefore be slightly different from the shisha shown on the image.
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