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AMY Glass cup HOT GlasSi – black


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AMY glass tobacco bowl for multiple flavors

Do you want to smoke different flavors during your water pipe session? Then the AMY Glass cup HOT GlasSi set as tobacco cup very suitable. Because the head out sturdy glass no tobacco flavors can be withdrawn. That way you won’t get any aftertaste or taste mixed up and every water pipe taste you smoke will remain pure. The tobacco cup has holes on the sides for a better heat distribution.

The bottom of the tobacco cup is made of silicone and can be connected to the cup adapter without additional sealing. Another advantage is that the tobacco head can always be removed from the shisha because the silicone is heat-resistant compared to a clay tobacco head.

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Additional information


Totale hoogte: ca. 14 cm
Diameter tabakskop: 8 cm


Multi-hole glazen tabakskop
Zijgaten voor een goede warmteverdeling
Ideaal als je meerdere losse smaken wilt roken tijdens een waterpijpsessie
Makkelijk in gebruik
Hoge kwaliteit Duits materiaal


Glas: transparant
Silicoon: zwart


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  • Always the lowest price
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