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LOLLI-TIP Marsh Cake Flavor Mouthpiece


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Lolli-Tips are made by hand in the USA with high-quality juicy hard candy blends. Lolli-Tip strive to provide the right amount of sweet, sour or mint to your hookah experience without being too arrogant about your taste buds. From the moment your lips touch, until the moment you exhale, this hearty fusion is meant to set the standard for taste satisfaction. Lolli-Tip is proud to deliver an exceptional product for a fair price. So do yourself a taste and change your conventional hookah mouthpieces in the crowd made pleasant to order Lolli-Tip.

Lolli Tips offers 12 different flavors to help improve your hookah / shisha experience.

Lolli-Tip flavors:

Watermelon Glaze A full watermelon with a hearty twist.
Tutti Frutti -A spicy blend of fruit with a sharp bite
Golden Guava – A refreshingly soft, fresh guava.
Mr. Freeze – Een verkwikkende ijzige mint.<
Blue dream – Mix of the exotic blue raspberry.
Tropical Punch -Unparalleled savory citrus and tropical fusion.
Marsh Cake – A creamy mix of marshmallow and cake batter
Double Apple – A tasteful traditional taste with a hint of mint.
Mystery – Try to find out what flavor this is!
Melon Dew – A soft melon flavor.
Lemon Pucker – A sour lemon flavor.
Fuzzy Peach -A delicious peach flavor.


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  • Always the lowest price
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