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QUASAR is a French brand whose flagship is the first thermal head. The RAAS is the brand’s latest product, the ultimate thermal head, has been reworked so that it is now a perfected product.
It borrows from the QUASAR V2 but has added improvements. The RAAS is the pinnacle of QUASAR’s know-how to create a reliable taste experience.

The QUASAR RAAS stands out with its careful choice of materials. The glass bowl ensures that the heat is distributed throughout the bowl, which increases the taste sensation tenfold. The aluminum used for the heating system is of remarkable quality, making it easy to keep warm during your session. This means you get even and consistent heating throughout your session. Last but not least, the silicone parts not only have a luxurious aesthetic but allow you to move your QUASAR RAAS mouthpiece without worrying about getting burned.

Part of the interior of the heating system has been redesigned so that the embers do not go out with small pins that hold the embers up at the bottom of the heating system. To preserve the flavors as much as possible, the double wall of the heating system prevents ash from falling out of the coals and into the bowl. The QUASAR RAAS only needs 2 cubic meters of coal to reach its full potential.

The borosilicate glass bowl has been redesigned around the phunnel area (one central hole), so it’s easier to set up and more intuitive, allowing professionals and amateurs alike to quickly prepare their bowls without any hindrance for really good results and faithful taste. conversion. Depending on which dose you set, you can get a gentle, medium or intense session (between 15 and 25 grams).

Last but not least, although the silicone connector may seem insignificant at first glance, it is essential as it will not only fit all the male focus connectors of your bong, but is also a very important part in terms of the role it plays in airflow management .

The patented airflow system of the QUASAR RAAS ensures a constant air exchange between the hot air produced by your charcoal in your bowl and the cold air from outside. This way you have a bowl that is always at the ideal temperature and a self-regulating heating so that you can fully enjoy your session and enjoy your favorite flavor for as long as possible.

You will get a session of between 1h15 and 1h50 when you relight the coals.

Manufacturer’s tip: if you want a more intensive session, it is best to use 26 mm coal, such as the 320° CUBES from AMY . If you want a smoother session, we recommend 25mm cubes such as the TOM COCOCHA GOLD or the DREAM CUBES.


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