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The AMY VEGA 651 has a new click system and has a large pyramidal glass bowl.

Special features:

The glass vase and the smoke column are connected by means of a bayonet fitting. Thus the annoying screwing of the column with the glass is eliminated, also an absolute density is guaranteed. With the new click system, the Amy Vega is easy to use and less subject to wear.

The large, pyramidal glass of the Amy Vega 651 has individual color transitions, so each glass is unique.

The Amy Vega comes with a food-safe silicone tube that guarantees a perfect draft and is very easy to clean. The handle and the end of the hose are made of anodized aluminum.

The Amy Vega comes with an Amy hotschern, with the hot screen set you optimize the smoking pleasure of your water pipe. A chimney effect is achieved through the integrated tube in the tobacco hood, which creates an air circulation and ensures a constant temperature in the tobacco cup.

In addition, you have the option to convert the smoke column through a corresponding hose adapter on a hose with multiple hoses.

All metal parts of the Amy Vega are naturally stainless.

Total height: approx. 60 cm

Scope of the supplied accessories:

Glass vase with bayonet closure
smoke column
Tobacco head with mantelpiece
Silicone hose for food safe use with anodized aluminum handle and tail
coal tongs
All seals and the valve ball

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